Holy City Syndicate
Holy City Syndicate
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    Come join us as we walk for Alzheimer's! The event has been rescheduled due to the effects of Hurricane Irma - Saturday, September 23rd, 2017! Click here for more information.


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    About Us

    Our Members

     We, the members of the Holy City Syndicate, having affirmed our commitment to a brotherhood, recognize the benefits of advancing freedom, promoting character, developing leadership, and diligently serving our community, state, and nation to ordain and establish this constitution.

    Our history

     The Holy City Syndicate was founded by a collection of young members of their community eager to get involved. We make it our duty to find various opportunities around the city that our members can assist in different ways, financially, volunteering and whatever else we can do. With no defining cause, our organization attempts to align with other non-profits to help accomplish their missions. We try to keep ourselves open to any community-building opportunity that comes our way.

    We also hope that through the acts of good deeds and education of those less fortunate our young member can learn responsibly and to care for the world around us. 

    Our mission

    To bind brotherhood and community through service and leadership in the Holy City.

    The Holy City Syndicate bonds through community service in Charleston as an active organization.

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    Holy City Syndicate

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