Our MeMbers


Matthew Oxley

The role of chapter President is to be the overall manager and motivator of the entire chapter. 


Eric Hawes

The vice president has great working knowledge of the internal workings of the chapter, and understands the roles and expectations of each Executive Officer. 


Alex Carroll

The treasurer has two responsibilities: collecting dues and establishing and keeping track of the budget. 


Elijah Reece

The head of recruitment is somebody who reaches out to those interested and connects with them in a way that shows whether or not we would be the right fit for the potential brother.

New Member Leader

Daniel McClam

The new member leader is in charge of all new members coming into the Syndicate by providing them with the information and tools necessary to succeed.

Social Organizer

Benjamin Peterson

This is somebody who is in charge of all events that relate with brothers with their invited friends or brotherhood enhancing events.  

Academic & Career Chair

Kyle Iemma

This position is somebody who manages and assists problems that arise with a brothers school or job.  He can reference resources to assist and manage their issues.

Communications Chair

James McCrary

All information that is communicated online is run by the single position of this manager.  The personality and persona of the Syndicate online is managed by this position.

Head of Philanthropy

Thomas Adkins

Our many philanthropic events and motives are managed and run by this position.  

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