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How To Sign Up


Form and Payment

The competition will begin at 8 am and will run until around 5 pm. If you would like to participate, scroll down to see the minimum donation, and then fill in your information underneath. You will receive an email with the event form attached.  If you don't want to pay online, you can always turn it in by hand at any one of our locations listed below!


By Email, Mail, or In Person

You can turn in the "sign up" sheet by:

sending it to: 


mailing it to :


28 26th AVE.


or dropping it off at :

Parrot Surf Shop, Ocean Surf Shop, McKelvin's Surf Shop, or Robert Scott Small Building Room 300.


Spread the Word and Generate Excitement!

We want to see you and your friends out there carving up the waves and having a great time! This is for a great cause and something we are looking to do annually, so rally together your friends and family and come join us for a blast on the beach! 

Event Description


There will be multiple divisions at the event, including short-board, longboard (9 ft. and up), and a freestyle session. Donate below if you are a participant.  After paying, submit your information below if you would like to sign up for the surf contest.  

Breakdown of donations to participate:

$25 to participate in one division

$35 to participate in two divisions

$35 to participate in one division (+1 shirt)

$45 to participate in two divisions (+1 shirt)

Only $10 extra for a t-shirt if you are surfing in a division! T-shirts also sold separately online and given at the event.


Click this link to the left to sign up for the surf contest! If you are adding a shirt, make sure to "Add a Note" while filling in the payment with your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) to get the discounted price!

If you would also like to donate:

If you would also like to buy a shirt:

If you would also like to volunteer: